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Studies indicate that 75% of the population is afraid of public speaking and 68% fear dying. Fear is a programmed response that often comes from childhood. However, it can be re-programmed when we understand the shift. This book and Free Audio Meditation will help you remove fear permanently!

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Fred Dodson

FEAR is a low level of human energy, registering at 100 on a scale of 0 to 1000. Fear is enforced when we choose flight over fight, and over time that programming can instill instant fear-based triggers in our subconscious mind. Thomas Miller provides 14 proven technologies to help you re-program fear and eradicate it from your life, thus raising your own energy level.

Fred Dodson Author, "Levels of Energy" and "Parallel Universes of Self" -

Why Do We Fear and How Can We Shift?

  • Fear is Programmed

    Our most formative years are from birth to about age 15. If we are in an environment of fear during these critical years, then we can adopt a pre-programmed automatic fear-based response when we are faced with challenging life situations.

  • Repetition is the Key

    We weren’t programmed to react with a fear-based response overnight. Likewise, we won’t change that programming overnight either, but there are technologies (tools) we can use to help shift our paradigm and literally alter the course of our life.

  • Thoughts Drive our Fears

    The Audio Meditation you are about to download will vividly show you how thoughts control our emotions. Much of what we fear is totally made up, and by changing our thoughts, we can set fear aside and go on living a powerful life!

Meet the Author

Thomas Miller is hard to “slot.” He is a broadcaster, businessman, writer, speaker, adventure tour leader, and is currently living the virtual lifestyle. After 33 years in Dallas, Texas, Thomas took off in 2015 to pursue a dream of living on the road. First top: Aspen, Colorado for ski season.

Thomas received a broadcast journalism degree from a small college in northwest Arkansas and was anchoring the 6 and 10 pm news at the local ABC television throughout his senior year. He went on to ultimately own a successful television production company in Dallas, working on such programs as “Walker, Texas Ranger” and a niche-market fishing program called “The Bassmasters.”

From there, he went on to gain more business experience in various other industries before returning to his roots in New Media to pursue his online virtual career.

Thomas is quite comfortable either in front of a microphone or an audience and enjoys interaction with the listeners of his popular podcast, “Subconscious Mind Mastery,” which is found on iTunes and receives thousands of downloads per month. His entire story is contained in the podcast episodes, beginning with Podcast #1.

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